Does Colon Cleansing Actually Work?

Does Colonic Irrigation actually work? - Colonics in Kent
Jordan Bayliss - InnerHealth


Sept 5, 2021

The Truth About Colonic Irrigation

Maybe you're thinking about trying a colon cleanse, also called colonic hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, or a 'colon detox'. These treatments are often advertised as an essential approach to great colon health, but are there really any medical benefits?

The colon is our large intestine, and it absorbs the remaining key nutrients, fluids and salts from waste material that has traveled through our body. Naturally, the bacteria in our colon helps to break down the remaining material.

But it's not hard to notice that we humans abuse our bodies natural working methods due to the processed western diet and lifestyle. Therefore a lot of us suffer when the natural process can't work efficiently and needs extra support.

Colonic hydrotherapy helps to undo the damage caused by this type of lifestyle, in addition to providing relief from health conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, skin problems, depression and wheat & yeast intolerances.

The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) insists that the procedure as safe, simple, and convenient, and Kent's InnerHealth Clinic has many satisfied client testimonials and transformations that strongly agree.

But why does the science disagree? Well... it doesn't. 

There are just simply not a huge amount of studies / experiments carried out on the subject.

You see, many health professionals like to play everything by the book and down vote anything health related that doesn't have heaps of science to support it, even though there are studies that still support the benefits of colon cleansing for health and detoxification.

What we do have is a very large amount of satisfied users who consistently praise colonic hydrotherapy due to its nature of being highly beneficial to their digestive health, mood & energy, weight management, and immune system. 

According to those who do participate in regular colon cleansing, 'the results clearly speak from themselves'.

Let's ask the doctors: Is Colon Cleansing Healthy?

Christine M. Esters ( insists that a colon cleanse and colon hydrotherapy are the first steps of any health protocol. Colon cleansing is a must at any age. She explains that yearly you need to clean your gutters from the build up of excess sludge, if not they tend to leak. The same applies with our colon.

Jacqueline Wolf, MD ( suggests that colon cleanses are known to make people have more energy and will help to remove the bad substances in the colon, including bacteria. She explains that we can divide colon cleanses into two categories:

1) Herbal laxatives that are sold to clean out the colon.

2) Colon Hydrotherapy that is performed by a professional.

Those doctors and popular colonic hydrotherapist Jane Haines ( do not recommend 'over the counter' laxatives and suggest that natural herbal laxatives are more beneficial to a person with a constipation problem.

Nutritional therapist Niamh Burke who helps females 40 and upwards rediscover their energy and balance their hormones, weight and mood decided to experiment with colonics herself and was 'really happy with the treatment and couldn’t recommend them enough!'.

Many professionals in the digestive health industry recommend this treatment for patients who are severely constipated, as colon hydrotherapy helps to clear out the stool, and seems to allow the individual to start having regular bowel movements on their own. It is not uncommon for colonic hydrotherapy to be used before a colonoscopy preparation.

InnerHealth Colon cleansing infographic.

“Our intestinal tract is like a plumbing system, when we put poor nutrients and toxins through them, the colon eventually becomes clogged with harmful waste.”

Are colonics safe & effective?

Let's clear the confusion, there is minimal risk involved with 'perforation of the bowel' and 'infection' if you are in the hands of a professional colonic hydrotherapist who's daily job is to approach the treatment carefully, and with sufficient knowledge of the potential dangers.

Dehydration and a loss of electrolytes should not be seen as a limitation to colonics, as they are the most obvious and easiest issues to avoid when having your treatment, and are based on the individuals hydration level and dietary efforts.

So, why do we need Intestinal Cleansing?

Many of the foods we eat every day contain poor nutrients and toxic substances. We make matters worse by adding extra 'free radicals' (unstable molecules that attack our cells) to our food by unhealthy cooking methods such as deep frying or grilling on an open fire. 

We intentionally ingest other toxic substances such as alcohol, nicotine and stimulants, such as caffeine and other drugs with various effects.

After these foods and substances are digested, our liver must work overtime to detoxify all the foreign toxic substances so they can be excreted through our kidney and skin. Some of the toxic substances escape the detoxification process of the liver, especially for people who have compromised liver functions.

Our intestinal tract is like a plumbing system, when we put poor nutrients and toxins through them, the colon eventually becomes clogged with harmful waste.

This is why Colonic Hydrotherapy or Irrigation is highly beneficial - It is a gentle internal bath using warm purified water that can help cleanse the body of faecal deposits & toxins which accumulate on the walls of the colon. 

It is very safe - water is introduced at a low pressure so there is no danger of bowel perforation. All equipment is disposable.

When the water is flushed into the colon, the therapist can massage your stomach. Then you release the fluid like a normal bowel movement. The therapist may repeat the process, and a session can last up to an hour.

The practitioner may use different water temperatures and pressures and sometimes they can combine water with enzymes, coffee, herbs or probiotics

A summary of benefits:

IMPROVING MENTAL OUTLOOK - There is extensive research on the gut / brain connection and how an efficient and healthy gut microbiome can help us with our mental health, mood, cognitive performance & energy balance.

IMPROVING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Detoxification helps to remove harmful toxins from our body, which strengthens our immune system — the better we detox, the less toxins that enter our body, and the better our overall health! 

LOSING WEIGHT - Colonic cleansing is often used to support weight management, many clients have seen physically results after using the treatment.

INCREASES THE BODY'S ABSORPTION OF VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTSA cleansed colon only allows water, vitamins & nutrients to be absorbed into our bloodstream, creating a clear path for essential nutrients to filter into our body.

MAINTAINS PH BALANCE IN THE BLOODSTREAMFoods that block our colon are acid-forming, particularly high-protein diets with low fiber. This causes inflammation in the gut, reducing its ability to do its job (to only let minerals, vitamins & water to pass through). Our bodies pH will be unbalanced if yeasts, fungus, bacteria, moulds, or parasites enter our bloodstream.

PREVENTS CONSTIPATION — Especially when it is chronic (which causes a sluggish digestive response, which can leave harmful waste in our body longer). This can lead to many health risks if left untreated.

InnerHealth Clinic Kent

As digestive health specialists with a passion for client satisfaction and transformation we will only advise the best approach to you becoming free from digestive stress. 

Therefore, if you are still not sure whether or not a colon cleanse is right for you, we would like to offer you a free consultation to discover the best approach to fixing your gut problems! Give us a call today.

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