Why Do We Need Intestinal Cleansing?

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Why do we need intestinal cleansing?

Many of the foods we eat every day contain poor nutrients and toxic substances.

We make matters worse by adding extra 'free radicals' (unstable molecules that attack our cells) to our food by unhealthy cooking methods such as deep frying or grilling on an open fire. 

We intentionally ingest other toxic substances such as alcohol, nicotine and stimulants, such as caffeine and other drugs with various effects.

After these foods and substances are digested, our liver must work overtime to detoxify all the foreign toxic substances so they can be excreted through our kidney and skin. 

Some of the toxic substances escape the detoxification process of the liver, especially for people who have compromised liver functions.

We clean our face everyday, but people don't think whether or not they need to clean their intestines. 

Our intestinal tract is like a plumbing system, when we put poor nutrients and toxins through them, the colon eventually becomes clogged with harmful waste.

This is why Colonic Irrigation / Hydrotherapy is highly beneficial - It is a gentle internal bath using warm purified water that can help cleanse the body of faecal deposits & toxins which accumulate on the walls of the colon. 

It is very safe - water is introduced at a low pressure so there is no danger of bowel perforation. All equipment is disposable. Colonic Hydrotherapy actually improves the tone of the colon.

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