A day in the life of a Colonic Hydrotherapist

Even Princess Diana could not break the taboo on Colon Hydrotherapy. Then, slowly, quietly, celebrities and mere mortals began slipping discretely into specialist clinics.

Jane Haines - InnerHealth - Clinic Colonic Irrigation.

"The people I see have been to GP's, they've done every diet available, but they still feel clogged up and unhealthy.

They're usually suffering from constipation or diarrhea, their whole body is becoming a little bit toxic and their mental clarity is diminishing. 

So by the time they get here they want an answer, they want to know this is not how it's always going to be."

Washing away years of stress & impurities

The rest of the team over at InnerHealth sat down with our lead Colonic Hydrotherapist (Jane Haines) to discuss her profession and the experience each client can expect to receive.

Talking about someones bowel movements is fairly embarrassing; inserting a tube into their colon and asking them to enjoy a luxury poo is something else. But for Jane it is a daily procedure.

She has been cleaning patients colons for over 25 years and LOVES it.

Most of her clients are regulars, but if she is seeing someone new she asks essential medical questions and explains the procedure.

From what we have gathered from Janes loyal clientele, theres no one else they can rely on to carry out this procedure in such a non-awkward and welcoming way - she's seen it all!

InnerHealth Clinic - Kent.

"The most common worry is that they will push the tube out, or they will make noises and smells, but I promise, none of this happens."

Jane starts treatment only when the client is at ease. Throughout the hour long session she reassures and urges the client to tell her if anything feels uncomfortable. 

"The moment I do anything I tell the client what is happening."

The plastic tubing is divided into two sections: one allows a constant stream of water into the colon, the other allows the water and all the residue to flow out.

Jane sits besides the client, operates the pressure gauge and watches as years of lunch and dinner debris passes out into the closed machine.

While operating the dials and monitoring the readings, she encourages clients to talk about their diet, lifestyle and relationship. She is a sympathetic ear, friend and confidante.

Individuals are advised to try and go to the toilet shortly after the treatment has finished.

What happens in the clinic is so much more than intestinal cleansing. Jane is your guide to better health and wellbeing, she has experience dealing with lots of different conditions and emotional issues.

"Some people find it easy to unload [if you pardon the expression]. They're desperate to talk and it's necessary if they want to sort out their colon."

Jane thrives on helping people, having herself once suffered a painful and embarrassing digestive disorder. When she discovered colonic irrigation it was a last resort, but it changed her life.

"I love this work with a passion," she says. "I think to be honest, I was always meant to do this. I've never regretted one day of it. There are no deadlines, only the pleasure of being with some people and taking them form very dark days of not being able to go regularly to the loo, to seeing them walking out of here saying, 'I feel bloody great!'."

Janes quick tips for controlling digestive issues:

  • 01

    A quick way to ease excess gas.

    Drinking herbal tea's (especially peppermint) will sooth your gut and reduce the production of wind. 

    Give yourself enough time to digest your food before rushing around after a meal. The gut is very sensitive to the 'fight or flight' stress hormones.

  • 02

    Don't overload the bad stuff

    Avoid fatty foods, chewing gum, alcohol, and fizzy drinks. Again we have to remember the sensitivity of our gut and what it processes on a daily basis.

  • 03

    How can I prevent and treat constipation without medication?

    - Drink plenty of water (60-80 ounces per day). An extra 2 to 4 glasses a day may help.
    - Eat prunes or bran cereal. 20-35g of fiber per day
    - Eat more fibrous vegetables and fruit.
    - Drink warm water or herbal tea in the morning.
    - Exercise often.

You can contact Jane to discuss any digestive symptoms or questions about Colonic Hydrotherapy:

InnerHealth Clinic - 07989777035

Email: innerhealthcolonic@gmail.com

For additional digestive support Jane offers a range of organic bowel herbs to assist clients on their gut health journey.

InnerHealth - Gut Health Supplements.

Over the years, some of Janes products have built a reputation for easing stressful symptoms in the gut.

These herbs are taken daily by clients who are in need of additional support alongside their Colonic Irrigation treatments.

Instead of overloading harmful laxatives, we use a herbal Blend of organic ingredients to flush out harmful toxins in your body.

Discover our range of bowel herbs and digestive health products.

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